About Ghost

A ghost has been defined as the disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person, although in popular usage the term refers only to the apparition of such a person. Often described as immaterial and partly transparent, ghosts are reported to haunt particular locations or people that they were associated with in life or at time of death.

Phantom armies, ghost-animals, ghost trains and phantom ships have also been reported.

Ghosts or similar paranormal entities appear in film, theatre, literature, myths, legends, and some religions.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Foto hantu kuntilanak terbang

The emergence of spirits "kuntilanak" who had "found" by some residents in the district of Mamuju, Sulbar caused much speculation, opinion and diverse opinion. In addition to making people nervous, it kuntilanak emergence as a venue for trial persons suspected of having black magic.

As acknowledged Asdar (45) citizens of Mamuju,Indonesian said the shadow flying in the air is not being kuntilanak, however, most likely the experimental science of "black" made by residents around the location of the apparition. "Taste-taste is not kuntilanak, but most likely it is a game of science to determine the extent of their abilities" he said.

Opinions differ Syamsul said, one of the local community leaders argued, the shadow that flew over the tree is Manakarra coastal residents who disturbed due to the revitalization of the beach Manakarra.

"These creatures are not kuntilanak coast guard but that piqued a result of the revitalization of the beach Manakarra," he explained. Another case with Bambang, one of the other residents said the sighting was indeed "kuntilanak" that many residents watched from a vacant house that was left out residents in Jalan Maccirannae.

"Residents in the vicinity of Jalan kuntilanak Maccirannae always watching out of the empty house which is located in the vicinity of nipah forest, they watched kuntilanak appeared on the roof above the coconut trees near the house," he said. He said the residents previously did not care because the appearances kuntilanak consider it a hoax and an illusion.

However, he said, after a lot of people who claimed to have seen these creatures, then the people came to believe that it kuntilanak really manifest themselves, then other residents were enthusiastic together kuntilanak want to see the appearance of it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ghost sightings at the boarding ladder

This ghost photos taken at a place of lodging. At the time of photo session at the bottom of the stairs, the camera accidentally captured images of a girl behind the appearance of three occupants boarding. For those who believe in mysticism, this apparition was believed to be a ghost sightings kuntilanak.